triggers & MCS issues list

These listed items are triggers, or can be triggers, or are issues related to Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

  1. air purity, air pollution, air filters, air purifiers, amalgam, asbestos, asbestosis, autism, allergy, allergies, atopy, atopic issues, atopic eczema, asthma, APEO, aspartame, aluminium, antibiotics, anti-depressants, air conditioners, anti-bacterials, aquagenic pruritis, aliphatic hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, artificial musk, allergens, algae, alcohol, avoidance, alkanolamines, ayurvedic products/principles, auto deodorizer, acupuncture, aromatherapy, Auro paints, air travel,
  2. bacteria, brominated compounds, boron, borates, borax, breathing problems, bodycare products, benzene, bleach, bisphenol, bio-accumulators, borneol, benzyl benzoate, batteries, boilers, buying organic, biocides, Biosis, Biofa, butane,
  3. crystals , crystal healing, crystal therapy, cosmetics, cars chronic fatigue syndrome, CFS, CFIDS, chlorine, consumer products, chloramines, cleanliness, chemicals, charcoal, candida, carpets, car smell, CSIRO, chemical sensitivity, carbon monoxide, carcinogens, chlorine dioxide, clean air, caffeine, creosote, cresols, camphor, central heating, conservation, CAT, Centre for Alternative Technology, chlorinated hydrocarbons, coalescents, congeners, car deodouriser, car deodorizer, car filter, CFS book, chlorhexidene, clotrimazole, Crown, canesten, chi, chlorinated sugars,
  4. dioxins, dentistry, drinking water, detergents, dust mites, diazepam, DIY products, dishwash liquid, dechlorinators, water dechlorinating salts, Danish painter’s syndrome, dyes, dandruff, dander, dehumidifier, dichloromethane, DCM, DDT, diesel, DEA, diethanolamine, water dechlorinator, deodorizer dothiepin, dulux,
  5. EMR, ELF, electromagnetic radiation, eczema, E numbers, environmental illness, E.I., ethylene, epoxy, Ecos paints, environmentalism,
  6. fluoride, flame retardents, food intolerance, fabric treatments, fresh food, food combining, food additives, formaldehyde, fridges, food colours, flour improvers, flaky skin, fossil fuels, fibreglass, fumes, fungi, fragrances, fluoride-free toothpowder, formaldehyde donors,
  7. gas, geopathic stress, GWS, gulf war syndrome, glycols, GM, genetically modified, green issues, green building store, glues, glue sniffing,
  8. homes, heavy metals, herbicides, homoeopathy, hormone disruptors, handwash, headache, humidify, humidifier, hormone mimic, harvest mites, HDRA, homeopathy, holzweg paints, hexachlorophene,
  9. inks, insulation, isocyanates, itchy skin, indoor pollution, in-car pollution, immunisation, IBS, irritable bowel syndrome, ironing, ironing board cover, irritants, itchy scalp, intolerance, ICI,
  10. jeyes fluid, jabs, janitorial supplies, jelly, jewelry, jojoba, juniper, juice,
  11. kaolin, kava kava, kelp, keratin, ketone, kevlar, ki,
  12. lead, laminates, latex, lino, linoleum, laundry, low level ozone, laureth, livos paints, lindane, lead glazes, limonene,
  13. mobile phones, mobile phone masts, mercury, microwaves, MDF, migraine, migraine types, migraine remedy, M.E., magnet therapy, myalgic encephalomyelitis, MCS, multiple chemical sensitivity, moths, moth repellants, mothballs, MMR, M.E. books, molecular sieves, multani mitti, mutagenic, mutation, musk, microparticulates, mould, mould spores, migraine relief, migraine triggers, mimic, moss, methylene chloride, methanol, mannitol, metoclopramide, motilium, multiple chemical sensitivity,
  14. nickel, naptha, naphthalene, new car smell, nano particles, nano technology, noxious fumes, noxious chemicals, natural products, natural handwash, natural dishwash liquid, nicotine, nuclear power, natural alternatives, “nasties”, natural cosmetics, natural paints, natural toothpowder, nystatin,
  15. organophosphates, organic issues, organic food, organic clothing, organic products, organic paints, ozone, orange oil, organic credentials, office, office machines,
  16. plastics, packaging, plastic toys, PVC, polyvinyl chloride, PCB’s, pesticides, pet allergy, phenylalanine, paper, PVFS, paint, post viral fatigue syndrome, phthalates, probiotics, paraffins, pruritis, perfumes, plasticizers, pollen, pollutants, pot pourri, polystyrene, paint strippers, psoriasis, photocopiers, preservatives, phosphates, personal air-purifier, PVFS books,
  17. quartz, quartz crystals, quorn,
  18. radon, refrigerators, respirable particulates, recycling, radiation, radioactivity, radiators,
  19. soap, solvents, sweeteners, saccharin, salt, sugar, sleep, saturated fats, skin, SAD, seasonal affective disorder, shampoo, sick building syndrome, sensitizers, symbiosis, smog, sweat rash, static, static ions, static electricity, scents, styrene, sustainability, Soil Association, spreading, skin problems, stinging eyes, sorbitol, SLS, SLES, sodium lauryl sulphate, surfactants, stabilisers, syndets, synthetic detergents, silica, silicates, smells,
  20. tetra, tetra masts, tap water, toothpaste, terpenes, turpentine, tartrazine, toxicity, toxic fumes, toxic chemicals, tidal power, trihalomethane, true allergy, TEA, triethanolamine,
  21. UV, ultra-violet radiation, uranium, UKROFS,
  22. varnish, VOCs, vaccines, valium, vinyl, volatile organic compounds, vinyl chloride, viruses, vegans, vegetarians, vastu, vaastu products/principles,
  23. wood fibres, water, water filters, water purity, westernized ailments, wind power, woodworm treatment, wearable air-purifier,
  24. X-ray, xylitol, xanthan gum,
  25. yellow tartrazine, yeasts,
  26. zeolite, zero tolerance, zu,